I’m going to share photos of our Hong Kong trip last year since I wasn’t able to post a lot on my social media accounts back then. I went there with my sister, Cyrelle in June 2016. It was our first time to travel out of the country and it was such a great experience.

Right after we checked in at our hotel, we decided to go to Kowloon Park and explore the Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre since it is only a few blocks away.

Entrance to the park

They have great architecture.

Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre

This museum starts operating at 10 am and it is located inside the park. They have several archaeological artifacts and galleries that gave us a glimpse of Hong Kong’s history. I think I could’ve appreciated our history classes in high school if we had an educational tour here. Hahaha! (SHOSHAL)

Navigating to the next destination
I can still remember while we were walking down here, my sister actually shouted “PSSST” just to prove that nobody will turn their heads to us except Filipinos. Well, we all know that, but it’s still very funny.

We walked most of the time as we wanted to go sight-seeing and the tourist spots are only walking distance apart. Plus, everyone else was walking and taxis are quite expensive in HK (Well, for budget travellers like us. Lol).

Red taxi
This is what their cab looks like. Yes, it’s a metered taxi. The driver’s seat is on the right and the car is spacious.

Across the street is 7-Eleven (our life-saver). We were about to grab a quick bite before going to our next spot. Guess where!

Welcome to Hong Kong Disneyland! Where fun and magic happen.
It was raining when we got here but so what? The cold never bothered me anyway! Please forgive my belly. Hahaha! By the way, Disneyland Resort Line is so cool! It’s a Disney-themed driverless heavy transit line that takes tourists from Sunny Bay station to Disney Station.

For me, it was the highlight of our trip because I’m always a kid at heart and being there brought that kid out. I was practically hopping from shop to shop, giddily buying souvenir items.


Souvenir items in Disneyland are pricey, but they’re worth it!! I wanted to hoard key chains and mugs because they are so cute and I love them so much! P.S. Plastic bags don’t come for free but you can buy them for a cheap price.

The rides were thrilling, the place was fantastic and the shows were grand and magical.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We took a full video of our Mystic Manor trackless ride experience but unfortunately, I couldn’t play the file on my phone and the original clip is currently missing.

My favorite ride. I am in loooove with carousels. When I saw the queue, I felt a lump in my throat. It was hopeless! As expected, I wasn’t able to ride it because of time constraint.

Sleeping Beauty Castle

It’s so pretty! It basically serves as a walkthrough as there is no entrance to the castle.

Disney Paint the Night LED Parade

Yey! We got a nice spot! We danced to the music and waved at the people wearing Disney character mascots. Some of the performers there were also Filipinos. Such talented people!

We tailed the parade and stopped at another good spot in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle to witness the “Disney in the Stars” Fireworks show.

I have a footage of the show but I’m not gonna upload it so you can still look forward to it when you visit Hong Kong Disneyland. The flames were really hot though.

Tip: Find a spot that’s not too near and not too far, so you can see the whole show. You can bring wide-angle camera lens so you can capture everything.

So that was our first day in Hong Kong and I hope you guys liked my post. If you have plans to go there, I suggest you plot down the bus routes ahead so you can go to many places and avoid delays. If you have questions (except directions because I have poor navigational skills), you can leave a comment below or message me. I will answer your questions as long as they’re within the scope of my knowledge. Follow me to know more about my personal journey and don’t forget subscribe to my blog.



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