DOMINGO AND REINERIA’S ANGELS – Every year, our family gathers in one place to strengthen our sense of belonging, deepen our bond, and solidify our relationship. It is our most-awaited time of the year. We reminisce old stories, create new memories, and talk about many other things.

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My cousins and I practically grew up together. We laughed and cried together, fought and made fun of each other, and created memories that we’ll cherish forever. We found a friend in each other. Awwe. Love you guys!

DSC_0488Summer last year, we decided to go to Dakak Beach Resort, Dapitan City since we love spending time at the beach. Duh! Who doesn’t like going to the beach during summer in the Philippines?



Stopover at Gandingan Specialties

This is located at Picong, Malabang, Lanao del Sur, along Pan-Philippine Highway. From Parang, Maguindanao, you can reach this place if you pass by Sultan Naga Dimaporo (SND), Lanao del Norte. It’s on the left side. Gandingan Specialties’ unique-flavoured dirty ice cream is definitely a must-try!



Historical sites in Dapitan

Dapitan is a vibrant and peaceful city. On our first night, we stayed at Villa Pilar Pensione, Sunset Blvd, Dapitan City. The place is affordable and they serve good meals. You can walk along the boulevard across the street or sit and wait for the sunset.

The next day, we took a quick tour to Punto De Disembargo De Rizal En Dapitan (Rizal’s Landing) and to Rizal Park and Shrine before heading to our main destination, which is Dakak Beach Resort.

Here are some of our photos in Dakak Beach Resort. Most of us tried Parasailing for the first time. It was such a thrilling experience. I was terrified of heights, but the view from the sky was astonishing and relaxing. The resort also offers other water sports activities and you can avail of other facilities, such as swimming pool, golf course, gym, etc. They also have themed parties and soiree.

Meanwhile, our parents decided to stay on the shore, eat, and enjoy the scenic view.

At night, we went to Gloria’s Fantasyland. It was included in our admission package in Dakak Beach Resort and they take their guests there with their own shuttle.

We had limited pictures because it was raining and I don’t know who was holding the camera that night.

We entered the horror house but I backed out because my heart was racing from the moment the door opened for us until after I stepped out from the house. I’m  usually fond of going to horror booths but that night, I was frightened as hell. My cousins obviously had a pleasant time. Some of them even went inside twice. To our surprise, our parents also joined in! They looked hilarious on their souvenir pictures! HAHA! Lucky for them I couldn’t find the pictures.

Since my cousins really enjoyed the adrenaline surge, they rode the roller coaster twice, too! Of course, I didn’t participate because I knew I was only gonna scream myself to death up there. LOL. No regrets because I was definitely satisfied with my carousel ride.

We only had a few rides because it was almost closing time when we got there and it was raining. But we made the most of it and we were still very amused.

DSC_0194We missed the night show but of course, we didn’t miss the fireworks display.

Dapitan City is a wonderful place to visit during holiday seasons. There are a lot of tourist attractions and beach resorts. You can also get pasalubongs for your friends and loved ones. You can go to Dapitan Pasalubong Center if you are interested to buy souvenir items like baskets, handwoven bags, and key chains or try their local delicacies, such as Dayok or fermented fish intestines and Budbud. You can also visit the Montaño Sardines outlet to purchase the best Spanish-style sardines in the Philippines.

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