They say, it’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. But what do I actually gain from traveling? Well, I’d say memories, friends and a bunch of photographs. πŸ’™


It was my first time to travel with a group of people whom I didn’t know. At first, I was in two minds because I thought I wasn’t gonna have fun because I literally didn’t know those people. But I’d never miss such opportunity and I’m glad I didn’t because I made new friends and they made my trip extra!

img_1554.jpgIt was Fall when we came to Korea. The weather was brisk when we stepped out of the airport. I’d say it’s the most beautiful time of the year, since every place was filled with autumn colours and Christmas lights. My eyes were sparkling as I adored the perfection made by God’s hands. It was magical!



Petite France is a famous Korean drama location. It is a French-inspired village and has a miniature of Eiffel Tower. Colourful buildings were built for amusement and as souvenir shops.





Autumn in Nami Island was indeed a poetry. It was like being in a movie. Every corner was IG-worthy because the view was picturesque.

My nature-lover heart was so happy to be here!
Shower of yellow Ginkgo leaves!

A part of my favourite Filipino movie, My Ex and Whys was filmed here, as well as the prenuptial shoot of my favourite celebrity,Β  Anne Curtis.

Witnessed the sunset in Nami Island. It was priceless!



Gangnam Blues

The next day, we had lunch in Gangnam before we headed out to Lotte World.
Tried this famous Seolleongtang as recommended by the locals



Largest indoor theme park in the world

We didn’t enjoy the outdoor theme park as it was raining cats and dogs; but we still had fun. During the entire trip, it only rained once; but unluckily, the rain poured down while we were on our way to Lotte World.


Okay. So I wasn’t able to ride the carousel. Again. Huhu. Look how dazzling it is!!

The Camelot Carousel in Stairway to Heaven


In search for the LED roses, I went naked around Dongdaemun Design Plaza. It was freezing cold. I didn’t get the weather memo. Haha!


Hiked up the mountain just to get to Namsan Tower. Jk. Of course, there was no other way to get there but to queue up for a cable car. Heard so many loud prayers that night. Haha!

I also paid a visit to my ex-boyfriend’s house. Apparently, he wasn’t there because he was too busy being a con-artist. Lol.


FOOD TRIP – our most awaited part of the journey. Hahaha. Their street foods are the best!!! I cri. I miss eating fish cake and Korean barbecue. And Kimbob. And steak. And many more. This place is heaven for people who like to shop beauty products and pig out.

For those who want to buy souvenir items for your relatives and friends, Insadong is the place to be. We didn’t have pictures because we were busy picking out pasalubongs. Hehe.

We also walked outside Shinsegae Department Store. There we waited patiently for my ex-boyfriend, Heo Joon Jae, but he never came. Charot. Haha!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The palace was closed the first time we came so we just made a fun shoot while wearing our Hanbok.

The next day, we came back and finally got to stroll inside the Palace. It was huuuuge huge. Being inside the palace felt like having a world of your own – like being in a Korean drama. Haha. Now I understand why people liked working inside the palace.

Passed by Goblin’s famous stone wall. πŸ’™



Near the palace is the Cheonggyecheon Stream where they held the Lantern Festival. The theme was focused on PyeongChang 2018 as they were getting ready for next year’s Olympic games. It was cute but we didn’t go to the end of the stream as most of us got tired and bored. Nevertheless, it was nice to be there.



I love Korea and I wish I could go back there and stay a bit longer. I still want to visit many Korean drama locations and explore other cities. What I appreciate the most in Korea is that even though it is highly urbanized, they preserve the beauty of nature. Kamsahamnida Korea!

Jeju Island Trip coming up on my next blog!



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